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“I have worked with Ms. Miranda Mo and her Associates for a number of years. Miranda is professional, ethical and client driven. Perhaps, Ms. Mo’s greatest strength is her ability to treat her clients from a holistic perspective, addressing their physical and cognitive impairments as well as their mental health needs, especially for those whose functions have been seriously compromised. Treating and advocating for disenfranchised persons is something I have always admired in her. I am confident when referring work to Ms. Mo including catastrophically impaired victims. Ms. Mo has a strong understanding of the Accident Benefits, medical, family and the societal context of our mutual clients, as reflected in her reports which are consistently well-written.” – Y.S., Personal Injury Lawyer.

“Miranda Mo has worked on a number of serious and/or catastrophic files I have handled over the years and I have consistently found her to be an asset to the rehabilitation team. Apart from a wealth of knowledge and expertise, she is professional, personable, and available to clients, adjusters and counsel. Her file reviews are exceptionally thorough; her reports are clear & credible, and her recommendations are balanced and justified. Apart from my own experience as counsel, I have consistently received positive feedback from clients, many of whom have continued to reach out to Miranda long after their claims have settled.” – M.D., Personal Injury Lawyer

“Ms. Mo has demonstrated exemplary professionalism by being mindful of ethical standards, respectful and open in her interactions with others, and responding in a timely fashion to various forms of communication.” – W.T.

“She is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled professional as well as a very compassionate and caring clinician.” – Y.M.

“Miranda is not only an expert in her clinical knowledge and skills, but she is also an innovative leader who consistently stays on top of current issues in OT practice. Miranda is an excellent teacher who genuinely cares about her clients and about promoting OT knowledge in practice.” – E.L.

“I am writing this letter to thank Miranda Mo, Occupational Therapist, on behalf of our family for all attention that she gave us, and to show our appreciation for the outstanding care that she has provided to me. Miranda is very knowledgeable and displays a high level of work ethics and compassion. She is very caring and shows a great deal of empathy for her patients. She conducts herself in a very professional manner.” – S.D.C.

“Ms. Mo is extremely professional in her presentation to the client and family members. Her inspection and assessment procedures are very thorough as she gathers information on the client’s condition and individual requirements for their recovery. I have had the opportunity to read Ms. Mo’s reports, because I am my mother’s power of attorney for her personal care. I have been especially impressed by the high quality of Ms. Mo’s report writing skills.” – E.C.